Motive of Life


The purpose of an individual’s life includes central motivating aim that helps him to work constantly in the direction of his desires. Motivation is a process that guides, initiates and maintain the enthusiasm in the behavior of individual towards his goals. It deals with some external and internal factors that simulate energy and desire in people to continually take interest in their work. It is important as it helps people to accomplish things in their life. People see the motivation in different perspectives to get the work done. People take motivation from various sources such as religion, health, wealth, happiness and many more. Motivation is a source of guidance and hope for people.


When life knocks you down, you need the motivation to stand up again but not all the people motivated by the same reasons. Motivation comes from different sources for different people. Some people might see the motive of life in religious values, some might see it in spirituality, health, wealth and other things. Motivation is important to live. Motivation comes from two sources:

  1. Internal
  • Needs
  • Cognitions
  • Emotions
  1. External

The motivation comes from these external and internal factors. The internal factors such as emotions, anger, happiness, and love motivate people to stay on track and never give up. The internal factors are the most powerful form of motivation, you get motivated by certain internal pictures that are running on your mind.

When you get motivated by the factors which are happening to you, those are called external factors. When you find success in some acts of yours and get the results then you will feel more motivated to achieve more. 

The behavior of humans is full of surprises. They know that they have to work hard for success but still don’t take actions. They know that what they thinking is logically making sense to their life but tend to move away from it, just because of hard work. They always leave their work for tomorrow in spite of knowing that this creeping emotion will decide their destiny.

You can’t even take the first step if you don’t have the source of motivation in your life. It is like a spark in your engine that helps you in moving forward. Maybe you are talented or acquired best skills but they are worthless without motivation because you will only get results if you move forward.   


We can classified health in two categories, mental and physical health.

Coming to mental health, we saw people who are busy with their day to day life but are empty from inside. They are dealing with anxiety, depressions, fear, anger, and mental sickness on a daily basis. These are those things which they hesitate to share with others. These parameters define someone’s mental health. Motivation works like a miracle here as it cultivates positive thoughts in the mind of a person. Motivation helps in overcoming and avoiding mental disease and anxieties and helps in maintaining a healthy attitude.

When it comes to physical health, people usually need motivation for physical activities. Physical activity is one of the important tools that leads to overall mental and physical health. Let’s say there is a person who is overweighted and trying hard for losing weight, but even after spending time in physical activities he isn’t getting desirable results so this is the place where motivation works. Maybe he gets motivation by seeing other fit people or listens to motivational speeches in order to stay on the track with his full dedication. Motivation gives hopes to people and helps them to move forward towards their aim.


All the religions in the world teach the messages of peace. It motivates people to maintain peace and do good deeds to other creatures of God. It is proven that religious people are more morally motivated and dedicated to doing good deeds due to their religious beliefs. Religion beliefs provide the motivation to people for stunning services and sacrifice. The motivation which people get from religion provides them hope and mental peace.


Spirituality is both highly personal experience and universal. Religion and spirituality are closely related, but spirituality has a broader range than religion. Life changing crisis motivates people to go in the search of spirituality. The things that disrupt life and compel us to find the purpose of living is actually motivating us to find peace. Spirituality provides a sense of meaning and connection between you and your soul. You will feel more motivated and happy after connecting yourself to the infinite powers of the soul and universe.

Why spirituality is important?

This growing body is a sample that indicates that spiritual practices are associated with wellbeing and responsible for better health due to these reasons:

Practicing contemplative:

Practicing contemplative will guide you to point your attention towards a specific focus. By practicing contemplative you will be motivated to increase your attention, compassion, empathy, and as well as quite your mind.

  1. Meditation: Meditation will motivate your mind to tackle hardship as well as it also provides peace of mind to you. Your mind is motivated to stay calm in every situation and if you scientifically see, it increases the brain’s gray matter density which is responsible for healing, memorizing, seeing, hearing, muscle control, self-control, decision making, speech, and sensory perception. Meditation motivates people to fight with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, chronicle, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. 
  2. Prayer: Prayers are the biggest source of motivation and elicit the feelings of hope and relaxation responses, compassion and gratitude. All of these factors portray a positive effect on your body as well as on your mind which leaves you motivated and ready to move.
  3. Journaling: This is mostly overlooked, but another contemplative practice that helps people to aware more about their inner self and feels more connected to the world around them and their experiences. It motivates people to fight with obstacles and help in finding the meaning in life’s challenges.
  4. Yoga: The systematic practice of yoga helps in reducing depression and anxiety, lower the blood pressure and reduce stress.

Spirituality strengthen your ability in dealing with hardship:

Spirituality strengthens your ability to deal with hardship. For example, what motivates people to come out from trauma; it is spirituality. Spiritual people find ways to meet the challenges and motivates people to continue with a purposeful life. Spiritual people hit, bounce back and carry on like a motivated fighter. 


Life starts with hunger. You must make smart moves to stay healthy and fit. One of the smart decisions that you make is to decide which food should be excluded and which food need to be included in your regular diet. When you start having a healthy meal, you will absorb the difference in your behavior, mental health, and stamina. What you eat is directly impose the effect on your nature and behavior. If you eat well, you will live longer, prevent diseases, and maintain a healthy weight. When you intake nutritious food, you will feel more motivated in terms of being healthy.


When you hear the word “environment,” you usually think about the natural environment and earth. The environment is not only the earth and nature but the personal space which exists on a micro level including home and workplaces is also the environment. The environment can be categories in a personal and global environment. 

Personal Environment:

In order to feel relax and peace, we need to make our personal space a place where we truly escape the stress and consequences of stress.

When people provide a motivational environment to themselves, their sense of purpose gets activated. For example: Meeting successful and happy people, attending motivating seminars, reading books, are some of the motivational environment that will help people in activating their sense of purpose and they can start it over again. If your personal environment is peaceful, then you will feel more motivated, your mood gets influenced, stress reduced, gives a strong impact on your behavior, provide you healing power.

Natural environment:

By saying the natural environment, we are trying to show the picture of natural things and beauties. Have you ever felt happy to see butterflies? Have you looked at squirrels and feel peace? Have you waited and stopped to admire natural miracles created by God? If yes, then you will be able to connect to why the natural environment is important in providing motivation and peace of mind.

The interaction between human and nature is deeply beneficial especially with those who are suffering from anxiety and depressions. People feel more motivated and happy after admiring the beauty of nature. Not psychologically but also scientifically it is proven that nature helps you in healing and dealing with new challenges. It enhances positivity in mind, and it promotes connection, lessens the pain, reduces anger and fills you with happiness and love.


If you have an ability to motivate people in their difficult times, then you are a perfect leader. As a leader, every time you talk about identity (either personal or corporate), about long-term goals, values, your intent – whether you know it or not, is to inspire others.

Be the change which you want to inspire:

Your character, your behavior, your reputation will inspire other people more than your words. The way to bring out best from others is to expect the best from yourself. Show the changes in yourself in behavior, attitude, and works and the other people will start following your words and advises. You become a source of motivation for them.

Tell stories:

When you tell stories to people, you’re engaging them in emotions and imaginations. This activity shows people what they are capable of doing and becoming. Stories don’t tell them what to do but by telling them motivational stories, you are pushing them towards their limits.

Trust them:

Before giving relief to them with motivational words, trust them first. If you trust them, then they will believe your words and accept all the words that you say to them. Trusting them is the first task before you proceed to influence them.

Challenge them:

People are motivated by sacrifice, creativity, and exertion needed to exceed in what they think can be possible. Look at the professional preachers and speakers, they teach people in one on one conversation, informal presentations and meetings, in order to bring out the best from the people. This matter is all about the right situation and time.


Every individual’s motivation is different for working or choosing a career. The reasons for working is as individual as persons. People work because the workplace provides them something which they need. That something which people obtain from work impacts their motivation, morale, and quality of life.

Some people work for money, some work their professional and personal fulfillment, some people are accomplishing their goals and feel like they are contributing to something important, something larger than themselves and some people have their personal missions that they are trying to accomplish through their work. 

As you can see that everyone’s motivation is different for a different purpose but one thing that is common is a motivation of moving forward. Motivation is a key aspect of becoming a master in any skill or art. It is important for innovation. Because life is not very easy for dreamers, they have to move and struggle with obstacles for which they need motivation for working hard.


There is actually science behind motivation. Actually, everything is in the head already, but you just need the motivation to wake it up. Psychologists identified primary sources of resistance:

First resistance is “I have to.” Don’t force yourself, just go with the flow give your best and wait for the result patiently. If it belongs to you and you worked hard, it will come to you anyways. Change your “I have to” with “I choose to,” change your thinking.

Second resistance is “I don’t feel right about this.” This question comes into existence if you are doing something which is opposed to your beliefs or values. You need to realign your task and do something which is not contradicting your beliefs or values.

Third resistance is “I can’t do this,” sometimes people feel unequal to the task and start thinking that it is something which can’t be done. This feeling will lead you nowhere and you will face failure in the end. You need to realize that effort creates excellence. There is nothing in this world which is impossible and cannot be achieved. Everything can be achieved with the right attitude and work ethics.